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Leading by example, as a parent, is one of the most important things you can do!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Welcome to my blog Raising Lions where we will be talking about raising strong, confident kids and how to help them navigate this world!

I am Christie Waggoner, a mom, advocate and entrepreneur. With the world getting harder for kids to navigate with social media, academic pressure, politics in school and where do they fit in it is getting to be a lot to handle. They are experiencing everything we did and more but at a much faster pace. The conversations I have had with my boys with situations that happen at school or with their friends have been shocking to say the least. Our conservative beliefs were being disregarded and even worse my kids were made to feel like they were horrible people for having conservative viewpoints. So they started to just be quiet in the classroom or on social media because it was easier and less conflict. My heart was breaking and I felt like parents were losing control of what was being taught in the classroom. I started thinking how can I keep my kids in their school with the friends that they love without sacrificing our morals and beliefs. There were many times I contemplated taking my kids out of public school with what they were experiencing.

Then I decided this is ENOUGH!!! Parents need to take a stand and speak up against the controversial issues that were being taught at school such as race, white guilt, encouraging kids (especially girls) to come out and would be congratulated for doing so, teaching Marxist propaganda, defund police, and sexually inappropriate books, amongst other things. I started going to school board meetings and getting involved in parent organizations that said they had enough as well. Similar things were happening in neighboring school districts as well. Parents across the country were getting very upset and many pulled their kids to private schools or homeschool options to keep their kids from being exposed to the political assignments and the propaganda that was being pushed by the board and through curriculum.

I took a moment to sit down with my kids and asked them if they were okay with moving schools. They were not willing to switch schools and leave their close friends behind. At that point I knew that I had to make sure that my house was in order. Meaning that all of my children had a relationship with God, knew how to speak up when necessary and me leading by example. The most important thing we can do for our children is to lead by example. That means standing up when necessary and using our voice when we feel like our children can't. I will not stay quiet and let anyone else make decisions for my own children so I am choosing to use my voice and speak up. Our country was founded with having a balance of power and right now I don't think that is the case. So I did a thing....

Join me and listen to how we can make our children the strongest generation yet!

I decided last January that I was going to start a podcast to talk about all of it! My podcast is way for me and others to speak up on behave of children and how we can raise them to be the strong individuals. I also share my journey of learning how to be more confident and that not everyone is going to like what I have to say and that's okay. I am learning to be the very best version of myself so I can show my children what it looks like to have faith over fear.

Our children look up to us to show them the way. How many times have you been told that you act like your mom or dad in certain situations? I know I have! Let's be the best version of ourselves so we can give them the best example possible.

To subscribe and listen to my podcast RAISING LIONS select the button below!! I can't wait for you to join the tribe. Please let me know what I should talk about next on future episodes by commenting below. I can also be found on Instagram @raising4lions, Join my Facebook group @raisinglions

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