How I got to here.

    At the age of 40 and a mother that was blessed to be able to stay at home and care for my four children I started feeling like there was something more for me or a bigger purpose that I was put on Earth for. I was getting a nudge from God in many ways that he had something bigger in store for me and now was the time to act on it. In the fog of the pandemic and learning about all of the battles my kids were up against when dealing with the schools, culture, and society I was becoming overwhelmed with a feeling that I needed to do something about it. I wanted my children to grow up and still have their innocence, faith and morals in tact.


    Then that is when the shift started happening. I started praying more and getting closer to my faith as it was the only way to get out of my depression with seeing where the world was heading and the amount of evil that existed. I wanted to protect my children and as many other children as I could. I realized that I needed to take a stance and use my voice to share the information and knowledge that I had to create a community of parents that would stand up and fight along with me. I also knew how important it was for my children to see me stand up for my beliefs because that would give them the confidence and authority for them to do that themselves. I think we all want to raise strong, brave and confident children.

    So that is when I decided to move forward to getting my holistic entrepreneur coach, Stacey Heiny, as she was in line with the way I wanted to live my life and grow my business at the same time. Stacey is all about living a holistic and balanced life so that I would have the energy to be able to run a successful business without getting burnt out. Also Stacey made me be accountable when it came to my goals and vision and has helped me every step of the way. I highly encourage those who have a dream of owning and running their own business to have a business/life coach that will guide you and show you that anything is possible. 

    As a mother of four, I know being a parent is the most important job I will ever have. YOU are responsible to raise your children to be strong, kind, brave, intuitive, confident, humble, smart, healthy, full of faith and contribute to society. With everything going on in the world, culture and society, it's hard to navigate it ourselves let alone figuring out how to help our children navigate it as well. I have learned that staying true to your faith and teaching your children the same is a great way to instill the compass inside them that will be there even when you are not. We are also leading them by example and what we do they will emulate.    

Raising Lions Podcast

I started this podcast to empower parents to use their voice on behalf of their children. As parents we have a responsibility to protect our children from harm, whether that be from social media, predators, age inappropriate teachings or material, or anyone that is not acting on the best interest of our children. 

That is why I am standing up and using my voice. I am tired of the narrative being pushed on our children and being shamed for trying to protect them from it.

I have episodes that go over many different topics that discuss the obstacles we have as parents and solutions so that you can feel empowered and informed. The worst feeling is to think you can't do anything to change what's happening and that simply is not true. It took me a minute to figure that out so I want to share with you that when we stand together anything is possible.



Raising Lions Apparel

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Proverbs 22:6 

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will never depart from it.