Meet Christie

Mom, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Advocate 

I'm a mother that is very passionate on standing up for children and what I believe is right. In 2019, I started to question things that were happening in my kids school, classroom, society and culture. I felt like parents had lost control over what their children were learning, being exposed to and taught. I wanted to be able to have a voice and change the direction that our schools and culture was going. I started diving into everything at the school level as well as things that were happening that weren't adding up in society and news we were being fed. I wanted a world where my kids would be able to not worry about adult topics that their minds would not able to comprehend and protect their innocence. I feel it is my responsibility to protect not only my children but others from harm and a spiritual battle that they are being directly targeted in. So I decided to use my voice for the children and empowering parents to do the same. I created a podcast, social media community and apparel brand to create a community of parents that want to use their voice to fight back and take back what is ours. Our children.