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Empowering parents to raise strong, confident children by leading by  example.


Mom, Advocate and Entrepreneur

Welcome to Raising Lions where you can learn to use your voice to create change. I have personally learned how important it is to use your voice to stand up for what you believe and especially when it directly affects your children. With so many unprecedented situations happening in the world and in our schools we need to push back when our rights and morals are trampled on. As a mother of four boys my job is to advocate for them and show them what it looks like to be confident, strong and proud to have conservative beliefs. I have a calling from God to pull together a community of parents that want to take action and control of their children's health, education, and mental well-being. I strongly believe that it starts with us because we are their examples and protectors. What we do with our voices now will directly affect what their futures will be tomorrow. Speak up as our children are watching.

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Raising Lions


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The Journey Towards Change Begins with Using Your Voice.

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